Friday, January 21, 2011

Well, here I am - making yet another attempt at feebly writing a blog.  Maybe I'll stick with it this time.  There's so many boring details about my life to share with the world..  ha! 

Alot has changed in my life...    I no longer have blood on my shoes....   I've moved from critical care nursing full-time to part-time and am now working as a sort-of make-do weekend nurse manager.  It's fun, but incredibly stressful.  I pass the time and relieve stress by daydreaming about vacations in tropical places and doing mindless internet-babble like entering twitter sweepstakes and browsing for recipes I'll drool over but never cook. 

I have an annoying, yappy miniature weenie-dog and an equally annoying and yappy husband.  We are the proud parents of two underachieving sons who I will be proud if they grow up to be anything other than career criminals.

I live in a non-descript house in a non-descript small Southern town.  I'm 33 years young; some days I feel 15, some days I feel 45.  Today is one of those 45-year-old days.  Being a grown-up with responsibilities, bills, housework and aching joints is no fun...   

Another of the joys of being a healthcare worker - yearly TB tests.  I'm off to that bastion of hell, the health department, to get mine read.  Thanks for reading, if you did...  maybe my future posts will be less nonsense and more "meat."  :)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

School Daze

I remember being excited about dresses by Grandmother loving sewed and smocked for me to wear. "Home sewn" for my sons means from the local Old Navy or Target.

I remember carrying my Shirt Tales backpack and Holly Hobbie lunchbox proudly.
These days, my kids have to have BPA-free, environmentally friendly, uber-expensive lunch totes - and their backpacks are so big and heavy that they wouldn't be allowed as airline baggage!

And whatever happened to Trapper Keepers? I remember being outraged that they were "outlawed" by the school when I was in about 4th grade...

Remember doing math on a slide rule and an abacus?

Ok, me neither - but we did take typing on actual typewriters and knew little of fancy schmancy graphing calculators, high powered computers, and the internet back then . (That was probably a good thing as I think I got into a lot of trouble on the internet in college!)

I don't ever remember having such lengthy school supply lists as a child as my children do now - but that is probably just because I was a kid and wasn't stressed about the length of the supply list and the amount of dent it is going to place in the parents' pocketbook!