Saturday, August 29, 2009

School Daze

I remember being excited about dresses by Grandmother loving sewed and smocked for me to wear. "Home sewn" for my sons means from the local Old Navy or Target.

I remember carrying my Shirt Tales backpack and Holly Hobbie lunchbox proudly.
These days, my kids have to have BPA-free, environmentally friendly, uber-expensive lunch totes - and their backpacks are so big and heavy that they wouldn't be allowed as airline baggage!

And whatever happened to Trapper Keepers? I remember being outraged that they were "outlawed" by the school when I was in about 4th grade...

Remember doing math on a slide rule and an abacus?

Ok, me neither - but we did take typing on actual typewriters and knew little of fancy schmancy graphing calculators, high powered computers, and the internet back then . (That was probably a good thing as I think I got into a lot of trouble on the internet in college!)

I don't ever remember having such lengthy school supply lists as a child as my children do now - but that is probably just because I was a kid and wasn't stressed about the length of the supply list and the amount of dent it is going to place in the parents' pocketbook!